One-stop Service has always focused on the retail, wholesale, design and planning of Asian artistic products.
We strive to bring value to art and design to your customers' brands and enhance their brand image. We provide planning, creation, design and production services of artistic products to Corporate clients.

Tradi.ASIA work closely with Joe Wong Design Co.

Joe Wong Design Co is good at using art and culture as the core concept, combining the essence of modern design aesthetics to create innovative and unique designs. Since 2011, Joe Wong Design Co has been using culture and art as a medium of creation. From art to commercial design, they constantly thinks out of the box and make new attempts in the field of creation. They has received overwhelming response over the world.

Tradi.ASIA also work closely with professional product development company (Takon Product Development Ltd.) to provide one-stop service of artistic product.

Takon Product is one of the leading paper product and deluxe packaging producers over the world especially in cultural and artistic field, with base in Hong Kong. Takon has office with showroom in Hong Kong. Through ongoing improvement in equipment, materials processes and people, Takon Product strives to provide high demanding artistic products and innovation to our clients.



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