【 Eternal Paper Art】Paper Art Magnet

【 Reinterprets the traditional paper-cut art - Paper Art Magnet】

The Paper Art Magnet created by Artisit and Designer Joe Wong draws inspiration from the graceful curves of traditional paper-cut art.

The designer insists on the spirit of craftsman and using the traditional paper-cutting technique as the backbone and using cultural elements as the flesh to create this series of works. The work takes the inheritance of cultural sentiment as the core of the design, and focusing on the absorption of traditional culture and the reinterpretation of contemporary art.

paper art magnet

The art of paper-cutting is a traditional art with a history of 1500 years in china, and it has been selected as a national intangible cultural heritage list. The designer takes the cultural elements of different regions as the theme of creation. Traditional art and culture have rich elements, patterns, symbols and color, and they already have their own stories in the culture. There are unlimited possibilities. They can be integrated with various styles by retaining its basic lines, to exude its own unique beauty with the use of smart techniques.

 paper art magnet


【Package Paper Art - a breakthrough in paper art.】 

Paper art works are susceptible to environmental influences and difficult to preserve. They have always been the limitations of paper art creation and the biggest obstacle to the development of paper art. The Paper Art Magnet have established a new process technology that can simply and directly strengthen the strength and stability of paper art work. To lead the modern industrial technology into development processes, Artist Joe has made the breakthrough of paper art on the structure, preservation and fineness. He has embedded magnets on its base, which allowing users to arrange, display and share in homes and public places easily. The technique allows the paper art to stick to magnetic surfaces. 

paper art magnet

For five years, the Artist Joe have been studying ways to permanently encapsulate paper art works in another highly stable material. But the plan is often rejected because of the high cost, the process is too complicated, the process stability is too low, the material restrictions and other reasons.

In the end, he and the design team found a balance among various restrictions and created a new process technique to provide sufficient protection for the paper art. and it controlled the cost and structural complexity within the scope, and improved the stability and observability of the paper.

paper art magnet

Paper art is one of the traditional arts that can best represent Chinese culture, and has always been a creative platform for artists. By using powerful but simple technological methods to greatly enhance the strength and stability of paper art works, the difficulty of preserving paper art works can be reduced. So that users can appreciate paper art works as embellishment at home or in public places.

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